House Church

(our version of small groups)

Our Sunday morning gatherings are great corporate worship & teaching experiences, but it can often be tough to break into meaningful connections in the one large meeting alone. A House Church is a group of people journeying, serving and learning to become more like Jesus together in community. House Churches are our way of living out church in smaller groups. We study the Bible, pray, worship, support and encourage each other through tough times, and join together to serve others – kind of like the big church gathering, but in a smaller, more intimate environment. This essential part of Christian “body life” is not meant to be just another institutional program. The heart of the House Church is to become the heart of non-Sunday intentional community life.

See below for house churches to join:

Most meet bi-weekly. Please click on the name of the leader to speak to one of them for more information.

How do I become a House Church leader?

No matter what your gifting and skill set may be, you can be a leader in your own way. Maybe you’re good with administrative tasks. Maybe you can teach. Maybe you like facilitating discussions. Or maybe you love to show hospitality. Would you consider being a House Church Leader? Would you consider being a House Church Leader if you had the opportunity to work with a co-leader? What’s the Lord saying to you? If this is something you are called to, we will train you and do our best to set up a good system of support and encouragement. Talk to Pastor Duane