Some Manly Opportunities

Men's Breakfast

Saturday morning. The smell of pancakes, sausages, and coffee greets you first as you walk in the door, followed by the sound of laughter as men, youth and boys talk around tables piled high with fresh orange juice and syrup. These guys know how to make food… and they make a lot of it!

We are hungry. Hungry for meaningful connection and relationship that draws us in. As the stomach fills and the taste buds are satisfied, we talk. We talk to other men, fathers and sons, going through what we’re going through, and somehow the understanding ear helps ease the burden. Then, we sit back with our coffee for a humourous story and life application from someone like us.

Next Breakfast - Usually the second Saturday of the month contact Jason for more info.

Men's Prayer

Men’s Prayer is on Wednesday’s from 6-7AM. A group of 8-12 men gather to spend an hour together praying for each other, our families, our work situations, our relationships, our church, and our communities.  It's possible we head over to Starbucks after for a cup of what-you-please. For more info contact Pastor Duane.

Men's Retreat: Wildman Weekend 

Wildman Weekend is an annual weekend where men get away to a rustic setting to slow down, eat lots, hang out, and get dangerous for God. This year the weekend away will be May 31-June 2 2019

Wildman is designed to be an affordable time for guys aged 8-88 to purposefully escape from the chaos of modern life, get into a natural setting , connect with friends and make some new ones, and hopefully go deeper with God along the way. How wild do we get? We eat like kings(gotta love Jim’s Prime Rib feast!!), make fires , sleep, play Axis & Allies,  jump off the dock into an incredibly cold lake, construct saunas on the beach, hike through pristine rain-forest and whatever else our creative, redeemed (thought I better put that in!) male minds can come up with. And if all you want to do is get away and rest (aka, sleep!) then you need to come.

It’s a highlight for many MRCC men and their sons, and you need to be there next year. Contact Pastor Duane if you have any questions.