Prayer In ALl shapes and Sizes

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain is a group of dedicated people who pray for urgent prayer needs within our church family. If you consider MRCC your home church and you have an immediate prayer request, please email Barb. All prayer requests are considered confidential and are not discussed outside of the prayer chain.

Pre-Service Prayer 

There is nothing else like a Sunday morning. Isn’t it always a Sunday morning when you’re feeling grouchy, you’re in a fight with your spouse or roommate, the kids are screaming at each other, and you can’t find the coffee? Are you distracted in worship? Are you finally feeling focused just as the singing ends? Maybe it’s time to try something different. Come a few minutes early. We are in the prayer room around 9:40am. It’s a time to quiet your heart, to focus your frenetic mind, to engage your downcast soul. Find out what God is going to do… and then be part of it! To find out more about this time, contact Pastor Duane.

Intercessory Prayer 

Intercessory Prayer is held Wednesdays at 10:30AM in the prayer room. If you feel called to intercede on behalf of MRCC, please come to this lively prayer time. Please contact Bryan & Jennie.

Pastoral Prayer

Because we recognize that we’re coming together from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and life stories, we believe that there is a time and place for purposeful pastoral prayer ministry. Sometimes life is hard, circumstances challenging, or past patterns or emotional baggage get the best of us and we need someone to listen and pray for us beyond a cursory Sunday morning ministy time.  Although there are many people in our community willing to spend time in prayer with you, Pastor Duane and Pastor Jason have a little more flexibility in their schedules for this kind of activity. If you are in need of pastoral prayer ministry, please call the office or send us an email.

We also recommend Brian & Della Headley as part of the Listening Prayer Community ministry. They are available for regular ongoing or more in depth pastoral counselling. Their ministry runs by donation and is located in Mission, BC. For more information, please visit