What Can I Expect on Sunday Morning? 

This is a common question we hear from people who are curious about what our gatherings look like, so we thought we’d walk you through it.


We gather to meet at 20450 Dewdney Trunk Rd in Maple Ridge. For directions, click here. Regardless of whether you park in the front or the back, you will be greeted at the door with a handshake or a hug (depending on how well we know you) and a bulletin explaining a little bit about what’s going on this week. As you sit waiting for the service to start you might take a minute to read it while you are welcomed by those around you. If you have children, you will want to go to our front foyer to sign them in using our KidCheck system. There will be volunteers to help you check in your kids.

A music team will begin the service promptly at 10:00AM with a song to gather the many people chatting and connecting, encouraging them to find their seats and join in. Our kids are with us for worship in music and are released later in the service. This is a purposeful decision to include them. We recognize this can be louder or sometimes distracting, but we value what they, and we, are learning together.


After 2 songs a volunteer host welcomes everyone and brings attention to a few announcements. This is followed by an opportunity for people who call MRCC home to give to support the mission of the church. There is no pressure for our guests to give. Then we call up the children to pray for them and release them to Kids’ Church (toddlers will go to the Toddler room after worship ends). Parents of younger children need to walk their kids to their class.

We then continue on into the expression of our worship in music and singing. In our service, we encourage people to engage with their whole self: body, soul, mind, and spirit.

This can look a variety of ways. You may see people with hands raised in adoration, kneeling in submission, clapping to the music, dancing in passionate expression, sitting in quiet contemplation, praying out a prayer to God or adults and children waving flags. Sometimes during this time, people feel an impression of a Bible verse or a picture that they want to share with the group. These people bring this “word” to one of the pastors, who prayerfully considers whether it fits the flow of the service. If so, they might share it at the microphone for the encouragement of the whole group.


The next part of the service is dedicated to teaching. This comes in the form of a pastor or invited guest to share a message of encouragement and challenge from the Bible, punctuated with engaging stories, for around 45 minutes.

This time can sometimes end with an opportunity for people to come to the front to receive prayer or to respond to the sermon in some way. While this is happening the rest of the group is encouraged to leave quietly out of respect for those at the front.

People then often make their way across the courtyard to our coffee shop called “The Well”, where guests enjoy a complimentary beverage & treat. This is a family favourite for an after service treat and a chat with new and old friends. Kids hang out and play in our covered playground area. 

We have hearing assist devices that can be used during the service. See an usher or sound person for more info.