When people are looking to connect with a local church, a common question is, “Where are you guys heading?” It’s a very good question to ask, because you need to be able to align your personal journey with Jesus with that of the church family that God calls you into.

Here at MRCC, a common battle-cry is "Church in the City". We feel strongly that our very reason for existence is to make a difference in the greater community in which we live. The world around us is desperately seeking answers to an ever-growing chaos. We believe that God has solutions to those problems and answers to the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions that so many people are asking.

In Matthew 6:10, Jesus taught His close followers to pray this: “God, Your Kingdom come, and your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” God’s Kingdom begins in the hearts and lives of real people like us. When we choose to surrender ourselves to His control, then He can take our lives and use them to be a world-transforming force. That’s the second part of the verse: God’s plan being worked out here on earth – in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows (and beyond…) in a heavenly reality. We believe that God works the same way today as he always has. If God never changes, like the Bible teaches, than His heart is to do the same things today in our world that he did in the Gospel stories of Jesus, and the accounts of the early church we read about in the book of Acts and the rest of the New Testament. God is wonder-working, miracle-doing, life-restoring. And even though He could do everything without us, he still chooses to use people to make the difference in this world. That’s where this “Church in the City” thing comes in. 

Ultimately, we feel the call to be part of the spiritual transformation of this region. Our land needs God like never before. The brokenness caused by the schemes and assignments of Satan is only going to be addressed by the people of God – the church (that’s us!) rising up in our call to walk in God’s power and presence to engage in the lives of every person in our spheres of influence, which is pretty significant when you think about the ripple affect of just the people in our church body, let alone the greater church of God!

We believe that God never changes and His methods of how He wants to impact the world are the same today as they were in the days when the Bible was written. He is a supernatural God and He will do accomplish supernatural things through us as we learn to listen to his voice and step out in the strength that only He gives to participate in things in the life of the church and this community that are going to have an eternal impact. Our mission is to be intentional in growing as a healthy church, so we can then reach out in strength to impact the world around us in very practical, pro-active, solution-oriented ways.

You can find out more specific details about where we are going and how we are going to get there in our Get Connected and Stay Connected sections. This is what we are doing today. What we are able to tomorrow depends on all of us listening and responding to the voice and call of God. What is He saying to you? Come join the revolution!