Ephesians Chapter One talks about the riches of the glorious inheritance obtained by every believer through the grace of God and the blood of Christ. This eternal inheritance of salvation and the hope of a perfect communion with God one day restored is what drives our group.

Inheritance is a gathering of teenagers from Maple Ridge Community Church who know that life is but a vapour in light of eternity and are determined not to waste any of it. The focus of Inheritance is understanding the enormity of the grace we’ve been given and from that, learn to live intentional lives that seek to grow in the word of God and in relationship with those around us while giving all the glory to our Creator. Living intentionally will not only set us apart as people of the eternal inheritance but will also equip us to become the next generation of pastors, elders, deacons, fathers, mothers, employees and employers who honor God in their actions and treat their callings as an earthly inheritance. This is everything we hope for the future of our youth.

Thursdays are much anticipated as the youth of MRCC gather together to worship God, encourage one another and dive into Bible study with a thirst to learn more.

God has blessed us richly here at Inheritance and we would love to pass on that blessing! To join us, contact pastor Jason by email at You can also ride along by finding us on Facebook at mrccyouth or following us on Instagram at Inheritance Youth.