Gospel Centered

Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity; His substitutionary, atoning death purchased our forgiveness.  We live no longer under the wrath of God, for Christ took the punishment our sins deserved.  God’s grace and mercy now flow freely into the lives of those who trust in Christ, just as we are also set free from the power of sin to walk in righteousness.  There is now no more condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  This great truth drives the worship, ministry, preaching, and discipleship activities of MRCC.  We stress the primary importance of the gospel in all areas of life and we seek to understand the implications of the gospel for our daily lives. 

Spirit Led

The Holy Spirit is the active agent in our salvation. He gives us new hearts and applies to us Christ’s saving work.  The Holy Spirit indwells all true believers and is the down-payment of our future heavenly inheritance in Christ Jesus.  We acknowledge that without the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in our midst, all our ministries and attempts at disciple-making will prove fruitless.  We must continually walk by the Spirit, denying the deeds of the flesh and growing in Christlikeness. We believe that the inner life of the Spirit should be made manifest in the outward lives of believers.  Therefore, we encourage expressive worship where the indwelling Spirit brings about an outward response to the good news of Jesus Christ.  We believe that the Holy Spirit gifts and empowers believers for ministry and that all the spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament continue to this present day.  Therefore, we expect the Holy Spirit to continue to express His power and presence through miraculous gifts such as prophecy, tongues, and healing.  We acknowledge that the Bible alone is inspired and the highest authority and that all things must be done in an orderly manner.

Mission Focused

Christ has not called us to leave this world, but has commissioned us as ambassadors for His kingdom.  The gospel of the kingdom carries with it an inescapable call to see all creation come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Believers are called to engage modern culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ, as expressed in our tag line “Church in the City” (Jeremiah 29:7) Contained in this central call are activities such as practical service, God-honoring work, and societal leadership.  All believers are called to the work of the ministry; that the body of Christ would be built up both in quality and quantity.  We are to use our spheres of influence to glorify God and testify of His goodness and grace.  We place importance and value on practical mercy ministries, however the primary focus of our mission as the church will always be the great commission: to “make disciples of all nations.”


At MRCC, we believe in multi-generational community. Family begins in the home. We encourage parents to be intentional in the raising of their children to see that the Christian faith is firmly implanted in the next generation. We believe that God has given distinct roles to both men and women and acknowledge that families are healthiest when both father and mother are functioning according to their biblically given roles. We desire to see the church body composed of healthy, Christian families that advance God’s kingdom as a societal unit.  We also acknowledge that as we reach out to a broken and hurting world that not every family fits the ideal. This is why multigenerational community is so vital to our definition of family. The family of God is never short on grandparents, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, or brothers and sisters. We believe walking together strengthens and benefits us as we grow together. We need wise seniors pouring into zealous youth. We need experienced fathers and mothers encouraging new parents. We need mature believers imparting wisdom to young believers. This is the Biblical picture of the Church as a body and why we encourage age-integration in the ministries of MRCC and promote family unity and relationship.  Family happens through hospitality. We desire that each person would learn to regularly practice the ministry of hospitality, as they are able, where we all grow in relationship as one family of God.