Here at MRCC, our church is led by a Leadership Team consisting of the Pastoral Staff and a group of chosen Elders.

Our Staff

Pastor Duane Goerzen 

Duane has served as lead pastor in this community for over 11 years. Back at the beginning, when his hair was long, he was working with youth. He took a break from ministry to tear down sawmills and sell cars, while God refined his character. He returned to Maple Ridge Community Church to serve as a volunteer worship leader for many years before God restored him to full-time ministry. 

He is passionate about the things of God, including prayer and the equipping of families. He is privileged to be married to the beautiful Melody and have four strapping lads spanning 16 years. They enjoy the outdoors and can be seen gardening or cheering favorite football teams. 

You may have heard about Jesse's battle with cancer, if not, you can see their blog by clicking here.

Email: duane@mrcchurch.com
Phone: 604-465-4211

Associate Pastor Jason Doubroff

Jason started at Maple Ridge Community Church in August of 2016, coming to us from Cedar Grove Church in Surrey. He is married to his beautiful wife Carolyn since 2006 and they have 3 wonderful children, a son Zeke, born 2010, a daughter Tegan, born 2012, and another son Elisha, born 2014.  Jason has lived in Surrey for most of his life while Carolyn grew up in Denver, Colorado.  They met each other while attending Bible School in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

Their heart and passion is to see people walking with God for their entire lives. They want each man and woman to know what God thinks of them and to help them discover how God has made them.  

Email: jason@mrcchurch.com
Phone: 604-465-4211


Mary Grose (Administrator)

Mary has been administrating and organizing our office and community for over 10 years. This has been her home since she got saved in 1987. She has been a fixture here and we couldn't imagine trying to find creative solutions to all sorts of problems without her. She is a compassionate listener and honest advisor, while keeping things on course and by the book. She has been a friend and a blessing to many. 

Mary loves people finding Jesus and her heart is for the Kingdom. She spends her time loving her beautiful three adult daughters. She tries to keep tabs on her servant-hearted husband Steve who is usually helping someone out, somewhere. They enjoy laughing and still playing games together as a family. 

Email: office@mrcchurch.com
Phone: 604-465-4211


Kate Heath (ADMinistrative Assistant)

Kate joined the staff team in 2014, although she has been with the church for quite some time. She serves a few days a week with Mary to help out in all the difficult and practical areas of service that see this community functioning at full speed. We appreciate her warm smile and quick and heartfelt greetings. 

Kate loves serving others and spends her other time running our Meals with a Mission group, making and administrating meals for those in need. Kate loves to hang out with and bless her two daughters and looks for ways to be a blessing to those around her. 

Email: kate@mrcchurch.com
Phone: 604-465-4211




We are an Elder-led church. What does that mean?

As a team the Elders Board meets monthly to pray over and discuss overall church life. Most day-to-day decisions are made internally at the Office level; bigger decisions are brought to the Leadership team for discussion and approval; and significant decisions affecting the greater church body will be brought to the church membership for affirmation. More than merely an administrative board, the Leadership Team is called by God to oversee the affairs of the church in every matter of faith and life.

Elders are chosen through a call to the church membership to submit nominations to the current leadership team, when openings on the Board arise. These nominations are then discussed and prayed over by the Leadership Team, who then brings their recommendations for Eldership back to the membership for affirmation.

An Elder in the church is someone with an affirmed call on their life to serve the church body in this integral position of godly influence. These individuals are spiritually mature Christians – not necessarily just old in years. It is an honour to serve in this responsibility. Please remember to pray for this group of leaders, as much of what comes from their deliberations directly affects the life, vision, and direction of the church.

Our Leadership Team (our Elders) is made up of the following individuals:


We love our Deacons. What's a deacon? 

Here at Maple Ridge Community Church, we went many years with just a few carrying the load. We realized pretty quickly that this isn't how the Church is made to function nor does it fit that wonderful picture of a body with many parts each doing their gifted function. So we looked in the Bible and saw a great solution: deacons. Deacons are amazing Spirit-filled leaders who are gifted and raised up to meet some of the practical needs of running a church community. 

Our Deacon Team is made up of the following individuals: